Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring in Geraldine

Spring is here. The good weather allowed the handy man to finally finish putting a new roof on the little yellow house.  Next she'll get a fresh coat of paint.  She will no longer be the "little yellow
house".  Maybe "little charcoal gray house", or possibly "little sage green house", that would match our new little chicken house.
The chickies.

There is a VERY old apple tree in the yard that looked very pathetic when we moved here last fall.  So I gave the old girl lots of water this early spring and now look!  Full of promise with the blossoms and the bumble bees are doing there best to help with the apple crop.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

 Last week it was snowing. Two days ago it was 87 degrees and we had to turn on the air conditioner! So that has caused everything around to burst into bloom. Im not sure what these little bushes are but I love the tiny flowers.

Of course there must be pansies!

So Im afraid this is all for now.  We have been insainly busy around here and my creative writing juices have been slowed.  But I did want to check in and let everyone know we are still here!  Working hard, playing with happy children and watching EVERYTHING grow!