Friday, May 4, 2012

This Evening

I'm writing this outside.  The little yellow house has a side porch with one white chair and a pot of cheerful pansies.  A perfect place to sit on a perfect spring evening. 

There are certain things that mean "Spring" here on the prairie.  All of them share a chorus tonight.  First we have the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with heavenly, sweet lilacs.  Many of the houses here are surrounded by huge hedges of lilacs.  Planted long ago by determined prairie mommas who were trying to tame the wind and dust with a shrub that actually thrived here. Right now they are all in bloom and are a beautiful reminder that being determined pays off.

A ways off the frogs are croaking loudly in the slough that runs through town.  I've recently read of places that have lost their frogs due to pollution and habitat destruction, aka. too many dang people.  I'm so glad we still have our frogs.  They are singing to celebrate Spring.

This evening was perfect.  65 degrees and hardly any wind.  Children were out riding their bikes in the street or walking their little dogs.  Mine were out on the lawn, the babies in their bare feet for the first time.

Now the wind has changed. Black clouds have formed out East of town and it looks like we will get a thunder shower or two in the middle of the night.  We will wake up to that amazing freshness that follows a storm.... but for now I'm headed in to close up the windows and say goodnight.