Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Homestead

 It's definitely autumn around here.  The mares and colts are enjoying the last bits of green(ish) grass before the snow flies.  Soon it will be weaning time for the two little fillies.  So we spent some time with them yesterday afternoon and introduced them to halters and brushes.

Little Eileen has grown into quite the young lady. She is pretty willing to go with the program, whatever we ask her to do.  That's the way we like our colts to be.

You can tell by looking at Reba that she is bred to run.  We call her the "little red rocket".

We also happen to have a litter of livestock guardian puppies that are busy growing like weeds so they can soon head out onto farms and ranches and guard them from predators. We are so fortunate to have a pair of "LGD's"  to keep the grizzlies and other predators from strolling onto our place. In this area we are all having to learn to live "with" the bears a lot more than a few years ago.  The dogs are part of what makes our lifestyle possible in such a high predator area.  But for now, they sure are cute!!

The baby chicks we brought home last spring are grown now and have started laying an abundance of eggs. I had to snap a picture of Zorro yesterday, as he strutted around to show everyone  that he's the boss.

 The last of the garden will be harvested today and the soil will be turned over to rest.  Does it feel like Autumn where you are? I really hope it does! This is one of the best times of the year....

Now go make something beautiful,


  1. Sounds wonderful! What breed are your LGDs? Do you do training? We're getting sheep in the spring and I've been thinking about what kind of livestock guardian we want.

  2. Hello, Thank you for your lovely comments. Our LGD puppies are 37.5% Spanish Mastiff, 37.5% Maremma and 25% Turkish Kangal. I really like that blend of genetics because I seem to get the best of all three breeds. :) I don't do any official training at this time, not to say I wouldn't consider it in the future. I happen to have JUST finished writing an e-book that you might find helpful! You can download it if you go to this link....

    Good luck with your search for an LGD! :)