Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Some Random Joy - A Post From the Past

My super awesome friend Michelle told me about the pumpkin pie spice, flavored coffee creamer that's at the grocery store right now.  She said it was so  good and slightly addictive.  I tried it.  She was right. I got addicted....  But it goes against my "food morals" and it felt like a sin.  Ya see, I have this thing about fake food.  You know, the stuff that claims  to be food, but really isn't?  Such as, "processed cheese food product".  Or even coffee creamers that don't have any actual cream in them at all!  They have hydrogenated this and mono that, artificial flavors, coloring and on and on....


Here at the farm we are producing as much food for ourselves as possible.  We like our own, organic eggs, pork and lamb.  There's  nothing like knowing where your food comes from!  Granny just brought home a pickup load of pumpkins and has been making pumpkin everything.  Bread, cakes, cookies, pies and they are all so good!  Pumpkin pie is pretty much my favorite.  I could eat it all year long.  Which brings me back to my coffee....

This morning I had what just might be a genius  idea!  I added the half and half and sugar to my coffee like always.  Then I looked at the pies on my counter and realized I had pumpkin pie spice in my cupboard.  Wouldn't ya know!!  It's awesome in my coffee!!   Just a little bit goes a long way.  The best part is, it isn't fake! Just the real deal and so yummy.  So I just thought I share this with you, hoping to inspire you try something new today!  Now go make something beautiful....

Bye for now,

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