Friday, July 26, 2013

Girls, Pigs and Power Tools

This morning, Prairie Granny and I tackled the much needed project of building the pig watering fountain.  The little piggies have tripled in size since we got them.  That was just over a month ago!  But now the piggies were making a gigantic mess out of there water tub, several times a day.  Of course! That's whats pigs do!  But it had become impossible to make sure they had fresh, clean water to drink.  So we got to work.


The waterer is made of a 4 foot section of PVC pipe.  It's capped and then a special little spout is drilled into the bottom of the pipe.  It's really slick!  The piggies will suck the water out of the pipe like we would a sports bottle.

At first the drill bit wasn't working right.  It's a special kind of bit that drills and cuts a hole at the same time.  But something wasn't right.... So Prairie Granny went to the Co-Op over in town to see if we could buy a new one.  But silly us!  Hal, one of the wonderful guys that run the Co-Op, took a look at ours and quickly had it lined up correctly and we were good to go!  Thanks Hal!  Then it worked like a charm!  That's just one more reason why we love this place!

 The whole project only took a few minutes and ta-da!  It was ready to hang in the pig pen.

Jade and I also finished pig proofing the big paddock for the piggies.
We lined the fence with hog panels so they can't escape.  I think I have enough to do without chasing pigs all over the farm! But now the piggies have a nice big, green place to play and root.

 Have you ever seen such happy pigs?

Bye for now,


  1. I still think I'd rather let you raise the pigs than me, but they do look happy and I'm impressed with your waterer! :)

  2. I'll raise the pigs for ya Jo! Just let me know how many you want! ;) I might have one that isn't spoken for.

  3. Everything is so cute here!!!! I wanna visit too! You live on a REAL live farm - it all looks so dreamy!!! You are a total DIY girl - love it!