Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is it a Farm or a Ranch?

Something that has been on my mind today....  What is your definition of a farm? 

The lucky chickens on Martha Stewart's "farm".
Most of the people I know snicker a little at the little mini farms or ranchettes that people have.  The ones that say, have 2.5 acres, a horse and dog, but they call it a "ranch" or "farm".  Around these parts, if you say "farm" that usually means several thousand acres of grain fields or crop land.  If you say "ranch", that means several thousand acres of pasture that supports at least several hundred head of cattle.

But then, I have some cousins that have a "Ranch" that is all grain and crops and no cows. But I know it's a ranch and always has been. (Ya'll know who you are,*wink*.) You can read about life on that Ranch at 

This picture was taken when we were out walking in the wheat fields on a "farm".

So my questions are:  What makes a ranch a ranch and a farm a farm?  If you raise a bunch of goats say, or some menagerie of critters, is it a farm?  Or a ranch?  Also, how big or small should said farm or ranch be to not be the snickered at, mini farm or ranchette?  Is it based on number of acres, number of critters, or bushels produced?  Or should it be based on the owners' own definition?  Some of my dear blog readers are bonafide farmers and ranchers.  Some of you are not.  But either way, I'd love to know your thoughts on this subject!  Feel free to comment on here or on Facebook.  It think it could be a fun discussion!

This windmill is on a "ranch", West of Geraldine.

Bye for now....


Monday, March 25, 2013

Charlie's Angels

Today we loaded up the kids and went to the ranch where Prairie Momma Trish was doctoring a calf.His name is Charlie.  Charlie was born with some rotten luck.  First, he was born to the only cow on Trish's place that is not happy.  She is about as "honky" as they come and had the nerve to run Trish down when she was trying to help her deliver Charlie!  She is so unhappy that she's looking for a new home!

The kids wanted to know why Charlie couldn't get up.
Secondly, Charlie was born with contracted tendons on his back legs.  This made it pretty much impossible for him to stand up.  So Momma Trish has been helping him get extra food by bottle feeding him.  She also came up with a plan to help his legs.  He was given the medication to help his tendons relax.  Then she gathered up some paint mixing sticks, vet wrap, gauze and Gorilla tape and we fashioned him some splints.

Can you believe I'm actually in a photo? I'm almost always behind the camera.
After his splints were on, Mr. Charlie had a whole new day! He was able to stand and even walk a little bit! Now he's able to stand and nurse and get enough to eat.  Soon you won't be able to tell he was born with crooked legs.
Charlie with his new legs.
After Charlie was fixed up the kids had a ball running around in the corrals.  The squeeze chute became a play pen and the horses got hugs. 

It was a beautiful, perfect day in Geraldine....

Thursday, March 7, 2013


What do you think of when someone says "cowgirl"? The idealized, rope swinging, hip swinging, rodeo queen wannabee's? Or the gun toting, truck driving, Miranda Lambert wannabee's? ( I admit I'm sometimes in this category!) 

Well I have a new image for you....
This is Prairie Momma Trish.  (I hope she forgives me for posting this!)  Trish is what I consider the cowgirl standard.  She and her adorable husband ranch and farm here in Geraldine.  I am so proud to call them my friends.  Trish is a Momma to strays of all varieties.  People, dogs, old horses, bum calves...  She's every body's neighbor and rescuer of many. 
Today, I bounced around in Trish's pickup as she scoured the pasture looking for cows that were about to calve and checking on the wee ones that recently came into our world.  We had a blizzard the other day that left a blanket of snow that is now causing everything to be wet and muddy.  Trish's cows all have lots of fresh hay and bright straw to bed their babies in.  Trish's cows are happy cows!  They are so happy that they never leave or wander off even though the gates are never shut. Sometimes the neighbor's drive by and shut them, thinking they were accidentally left open.  Trish just laughs and opens them up again.

Doesn't she look happy?  I swear she's smiling!

This one is definitely smiling!

And just for fun.... 

 Who can tell me what these are?  If you know, you just might be cowgirl, or cowboy enough.... 

'Til next time,