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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Farmhouse Project: Bedroom

Hi guys!  How've ya been? I have been working on sooooo many things I can't even tell you.  But this is one project I wanted to share with y'all.

The master bedroom in the old farmhouse has been my focus lately.  First, Prairie Granny and I took apart and dragged out the no-longer-functioning, therefore unused, huge treadmill that had overstayed it's welcome by about a year.  Next I decided we needed to squeeze another large dresser into the not-very-large room. 

The only space I could do that was along one wall, right next to each other.  So I scrounged around the house and gathered up enough wall décor to make a collage big enough to span both dressers and treat them like they are one.  I think the result was pretty good!

The next thing I did was figure out what to hang above the bed that was more "farmhousey" than the little sparkling thing that has moved with me from house to house over the years....

Ta-da!  I still used the sparkling thing!  I just hung it from an old window frame that used to be in the chicken coop here on the homestead.  No kidding! I have been loving the ideas I see in magazines and on Pinterest that use old windows and doors as wall décor. Like these....

 I know I still have a ways to go with this room.  With this house, for that matter.  But A little at a time, we're getting there.

There are some things I love about this room now.

My nail head trimmed headboard.
The wall color. Sorry, can't find my can to get you the color. What kind of blogger am I !?
The bench that sits at the foot of my bed. (Found down in the barn at my previous farmhouse.)
The original wood floors.
The ceiling fan that my mom and I installed. Ahhhh....
The original closet doors with their very old hardware.
And of course my new "feature" above the bed.

My "wish list" for this room is:
To someday refinish the floors.
Some nicer, more sturdy and decorative curtain rods.
Fresh, farmhousey, stuff for the bedding.  Like some new pillows and a throw maybe.

But for not spending a single cent on décor to update this room, I hafta admit I am tickled with it.  I would've shown you 'before" pictures but I would have been embarrassed. And I didn't take any. Ha!

Thanks for checking out my little farmhouse project and sticking with me on my little blog.
I've been living a double life.  Well, kind of anyway.  I have two websites.  But I am seriously considering simplifying my online life back to just this one.  Anyhow.... If I figure out how to consolidate all my content I think I will be hanging out over here on "Why Geraldine" a lot more often.

Now make something beautiful,