Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Love Story

This is a love story.  It began in the spring of 1997, when a big eyed, red colt came into this world.  He was a blessing and a gift from the start.  After a horrible accident, I had given my favorite mare, "Sevens" to the veterinarian that saved her life.  After kicking herself out of a two horse trailer and hitting the asphalt at 65 miles per hour, she was always going to be a little crippled.  We were all thankful she would be sound enough to be comfortable and would make a great momma.  Some months after I signed her over to her new owners, they called me and asked if I would like to breed her and get one baby out of my beloved mare.  It was a gift I have never forgotten or taken for granted.  The other gift was from my dear friends who owned a stallion and gave me a breeding.  Such generosity and love is so rare and I was doubly blessed.  A year and a half after that fateful phone call, the world was given "Rhett".
A halter class in 2004
One of many Grand Champion ribbons.
From the start he was special.  He had a bit of a large, bony frame but a chiseled, handsome face and was built quite correctly.  He was smart and sensitive and full of himself!  I decided I would keep him a stallion, at least for a while.  He was to be my new show horse.  And show we did!  Rhett and I showed in almost every event at one time or another. He also got the chance to be a sire to seven beautiful foals.  All of them sorrel stud colts like their dad, except the last colt, who was jet black.
Riding Western Pleasure in 2005. I was 5 1/2 months pregnant with my oldest son in this photo.
When both of us were young I never imagined all we would go through together.  I was 20 when he was born.  Young, carefree, selfish and driven to see the world.  He was my only obligation or responsibility other than myself.  I never in my wildest dreams thought he would someday go from the fiery red stallion, to the quiet old gelding that slowly plods along dirt roads with my precious babies in the saddle.  
The four loves of my life....
I believe in great loves.  I believe the great loves are here to show us the truth and meaning of love.  Whether it's the great love of a spouse, a child or even our beloved creatures that God gives us....Through the ups and downs, plenty and lack, I have had a red horse that never let me down....
Rhett is the only horse I have ever seen my mom actually feel comfortable with.

Bye for now,

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